In today’s fast-moving time, where everyone is busy, people do not want to waste time and energy by searching for options for their necessities. They want quick and best option at the click of their finger. DDM Informatics is one place where our team of best SEO experts and experienced professionals aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction by using the latest white hat Seo technologies and best resources. Our more than ten years of expert experience in digital marketing helps to guide our customers to choose among the best. All these services are provided at a convenient and affordable price!

Apart from this we also inspire people to keep up with upcoming trends and generate business through the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

Our past projects include over 100 successful endeavors and many happy and satisfied customers.

The thing that excludes us from other SEO services is our personal approach and dedication to each website and business. We are easily approachable and work according to our client’s convenience. We aim at providing simple and easy solutions to complex business problems, just at a click!

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Best SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Bhopal

DDM Informatics has been a reputed name in providing digital marketing as well as services associated with them. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to take up challenges that come our way and one special feature about us is that we accomplish all our work keeping in mind the White Hat SEO practices.

DDM Informatics is amongst the best SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Bhopal and our unique and fast-paced services are our biggest merits.

Our SEO services include:

Keyword Research:

Keywords are those terms or sentences one puts in the search tab of Google but it is necessary that your website’s business shows up in the search results page when some particular terms are used. We at DDM rank your site on proper keywords relevant to your business and our fast-paced SEO services

On Page SEO:

On page, optimization refers to all measures taken within the website to improve the ranking of a site in search engine result pages. These measures are related to content and HTML source code of a page namely meta tags, keyword placement, and keyword density and this kind of optimization are actually visible on the website itself.

Off Page SEO:

Off page optimization refers to all those measures that are taken outside the website to improve its ranking and this process is mainly focused on acquiring backlinks to your site. We at DDM Informatics provide for both SEO services as well as SEO training at affordable rates.

Social Media Marketing:

It’s the era of social media with everyone always sitting glued to it although creating facebook pages and Whatsapp groups is utmost common to promote a business. But social media marketing is very deep and there are new services daily being launched by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that companies are able to maximize their promotions as much as possible. The team of DDM Informatics is active on social media platforms and keeps you timely updated about the services being offered by us.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing which involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising. You might have seen those ads that are visible after you search for a specific product on Google say for instance if you type laptop before scrolling down over search results you can see that there are some ads put forward by companies dealing with laptops, this is what we call Search Engine Marketing. Here is a picture of the scenario you might have witnessed.

Local SEO:

Have you ever searched for local businesses on your phone such as bakeries near me and received a result like this:

This is what we call local SEO which implies whenever you search for something on google sitting around your locality, you get back a list of results like the above and then you are able to locate and decide with which one to proceed.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google to analyze the quantity of traffic, and the activities being performed on your website/blog and last but not the least how much conversions are being received in return.

Google Adwords:

Adwords is an advertising service by Google which is used by businesses wanting to display ads on Google and other partner websites.DDM Informatics has designed and ran ad campaigns for a large no. of local as well as foreign businesses and the Google Adwords Training provided by us will make you a master in this area of digital marketing.

Website Designing:

Every organization nowadays wishes to have a website which is the initial step in acquiring an online presence so the website designed should be user-friendly and attractive enough for the visitor leading him to become a subscriber or customer. We at DDM Informatics make use of upgraded software to design your website in the most unique way possible and apart from this we also provide web hosting services and domains at very nominal rates.